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About IJWD

The IJWD publishes articles pertaining to dermatologic medical, surgical and cosmetic issues faced by female patients and their families. We are interested in original research articles, review articles, unusual case reports, new treatments, clinical trials, education, mentorship and viewpoint articles. Articles dealing with ethical issues in dermatology and medical legal scenarios are also welcome.Very important articles will have accompanying editorials.

Topics which our subsections editors look forward to welcoming include:

  • Women’s Health
  • Oncology, Surgery and Aesthetics
  • Pediatric Dermatology
  • Medical Dermatology
  • Society

About WDS

The Women’s Dermatologic Society founded in 1973, is dedicated to helping dermatologists fulfill their greatest potential and assisting them in making a contribution to our specialty and society.

To achieve this goal, the Society relies on the active participation of its members, who represent a diverse cross-section of professional subspecialties.

The Art of Prevention

The Art of Prevention series will include a signature article that is relevant to preventative health of the skin, hair, and nails. This signature article aims to help dermatologists in clinical practice by providing information to clinicians on optimal ways to provide preventative medical care.

Introduction to The Art of Prevention series
Jenny E. Murase, Dedee F. Murrell
Volume 5, Issue 3

Art of prevention: The importance of dermatologic care when using aromatase inhibitors
Sara Behbahani, Amaris Geisler, Avani Kolla, Margaret Rush Dreker, ... Miriam K. Pomeranz

Art of prevention: Practical tips for improving adherence to treatments for older patients in dermatology
Kyla N. Price, Madison Grinnell, Daniel Butler, Amit Shah

Art of Prevention: Essential Oils - Natural Products Not Necessarily Safe
Allison Sindle, Kari Martin

Art of Prevention: The importance of tackling the nail biting habit
Mohsen Baghchechi, Janice L. Pelletier, Sharon E. Jacob

The art of prevention: It’s too tight—Loosen up and let your hair down
Tiffany T. Mayo, Valerie D. Callender

The art of prevention: COVID-19 vaccine preparedness for the dermatologist
Shauna M Rice, Sarah D Ferree, Natasha Atanaskova Mesinkovska, Arianne Shadi Kourosh

Art of prevention: Practical interventions in lip-licking dermatitis
Allene Fonseca, Sharon E. Jacob, Allison Sindle

Art of prevention: Allergic sensitization through damaged skin: Atopic, occupational, and stasis dermatitis
Susan Nedorost, Margaret Hammond

Art of prevention: The importance of melanoma surveillance
Lindsey Goddard, Lauren Yorozuya, Jane Hirokane

Art of prevention: Life in the time of coronavirus
Mohsen Baghchechi, Jeffery Dunn, Navin Jaipaul, Sharon E. Jacob

Art of prevention: A piercing article about nickel
K. Markel, N. Silverberg, J.L. Pelletier, K.L. Watsky, S.E. Jacob

Art of prevention: The importance of measles recognition and vaccination
Janna M. Vassantachart, Anthony H. Yeo, Andrew Y. Vassantachart, Sharon E. Jacob, Linda Golkar

Art of prevention: Our approach to the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine in adult patients vaccinated against measles before 1968 on biologic therapy for the treatment of psoriasis
Audrey Worth, Reid A. Waldman, Kevin Dieckhaus, Marti J. Rothe

Art of prevention: The importance of feeding traditions
S.T. Nedorost, J. Raffi, K. Brar, S.E. Jacob

Art of prevention: The importance of proper diapering practices
Erin Wesner, Janna M. Vassantachart, Sharon E. Jacob

Art of prevention: The importance of bath time and avoiding extended exposure to irritating and allergenic chemicals
Tracy Novosel, Chandler W. Rundle, Jiade D. Yu, Sharon E. Jacob