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What is your diagnosis?


Imagine the following case scenario: In October 2017, an otherwise healthy 42-year-old Hispanic woman presents reporting an approximately 6-week history of a nonhealing wound on her left upper calf. She reports being from Galveston, Texas, the epicenter of Hurricane Harvey when it made landfall. Her small, single-story home was flooded and partially collapsed, trapping her inside for 3 days until shewas rescued and evacuated. She suffered minor injuries, mostly inthe form of cuts and abrasions to her arms and legs. At a local hospital, her wounds were cleaned and dressed, and she was given a tetanus booster. Two weeks later, the wound had slightly expanded and began emitting purulent debris. A bacterial culture of the purulent debris was obtained, and the patient was given a 7-day course of oral clindamycin. The culture results later returned negative. A physical examination in your office reveals a solitary abscess. The patient endorses slight tenderness around the calf wound but otherwise feelswell without fever.