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The WDS and the IJWD are providing COVID-19 peer reviewed reliable information and resources to dermatologists and their patients.
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International Journal of Women’s Dermatology is a reference journal designed to meet the continuing education needs of the Women’s Dermatologic Society members and the entire dermatologic community. The Journal bases its policies on the guidelines set forth by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. (www.icmje.org).

About IJWD

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The IJWD publishes articles pertaining to dermatologic medical, surgical and cosmetic issues faced by female patients and their families. We are interested in original research articles, review articles, unusual case reports, new treatments, clinical trials, education, mentorship and viewpoint articles. Articles dealing with ethical issues in dermatology and medical legal scenarios are also welcome.Very important articles will have accompanying editorials.

Topics which our subsections editors look forward to welcoming include:

  • Women’s Health
  • Oncology, Surgery and Aesthetics
  • Pediatric Dermatology
  • Medical Dermatology
  • Society

About WDS

The Women’s Dermatologic Society founded in 1973, is dedicated to helping dermatologists fulfill their greatest potential and assisting them in making a contribution to our specialty and society.

To achieve this goal, the Society relies on the active participation of its members, who represent a diverse cross-section of professional subspecialties.

Publishing Information

International Journal of Women's Dermatology is published by Elsevier for the Women's Dermatologic Society.

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Current Issue Highlights

Heralding change within dermatology: Response of the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology (IJWD) to the twin pandemic of racism      Jenny E. Murase, Dedee F. Murrell                    

Skin cancer in women of color: Epidemiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations                                                                 
DiAnne S. Davis, Camille Robinson, Valerie D. Callender

Turning the Tide: How the Women’s Dermatologic Society Leads in Diversifying Dermatology
Nana Amma N. Sekyere, Pearl E. Grimes, Wendy E. Roberts, Valerie D. Callender, ... Jenny Murase

Two pandemics: Opportunities for diversity, equity and inclusion in dermatology
Jenna C. Lester, Susan C. Taylor

Bridging racial differences in the clinical encounter: How implicit bias and stereotype threat contribute to health care disparities in the dermatology clinic
Britney N. Wilson, Jenny E. Murase, Diane Sliwka, Nina Botto

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Editorial Board

Co-Editors in Chief

Dedee Murrell,

Jenny Murase, MD

Deputy Editor

Neil Sadick, MD

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Managing Editor
- Jennifer Ehrhardt

Women's Health
- George Kroumpouzos, MD
- Anna Cogen, MD
- Daniel Butler, MD
- Marcia Driscoll, MD
- Julia-Tatjana Maul, MD
- Mary Gail Mercurio, MD
- Ginat Mirowski, DMD, MD
- Miriam Pomeranz, MD

Images in Women's Dermatology
- Alyx Rosen Aigen, MD

Medical Dermatology
- Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, MD, PhD
- Maryam Daneshpazhooh, MD, PhD
- Mette Deleuran, MD, PhD
- Cristina Echeverría, MD
- Brigitte Dreno, MD

- Pearl Grimes, MD
- Aikaterini Patsatsi, MD 
- Marti Jill Rothe, MD
- Rashmi Sarkar, MD

Pediatric Dermatology
- Paula Luna, MD
- Kelly Park, MD 

Oncology, Surgery, and Aesthetics
- Murad Alam, MD
- M. Laurin Council, MD
- Marie Aleth Richard, MD
- Jennifer Stein, MD
- Rebecca Clare Tung, MD

- Collin Blattner, DO
- Valerie Callender, MD
- Lia Gracey Maniar, MD, PhD
- Lori Kels, MD, MPh
- Eve Lowenstein, MD, PhD
- Vinayak K. Nahar, MD, PhD 
- Neil Sadick, MD

Advisory Board

View the Full Advisory Board

- Wilma Bergfeld, MD
- Diane Berson, MD
- JudyAnn Bigby, MD
- Janine Clayton, MD  
- Susan Cooper, MD
- Jane Grant-Kels, MD 
- Paula Hillard, MD 
- William James, MD
- Alexa Kimball, MD
- Carolyn Mazure, PhD
- Amy Paller, MD
- Mary Maloney, MD
- Marcia Ramos-e-Silva, MD, PhD
- Eli Sprecher, MD, PhD
- Antonella Tosti, MD 
- Vermen Verallo-Rowell, MD 
- Victoria Werth, MD 
- Luitgard Wiest, MD